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Tyumen V.I. Muravlenko Oil & Gas Scientific Research
and Engineering Company

Booster Compressor Station of the Yurkharovskoye field

The Booster Compressor Station is designed for compressing crude Valanginian and crude Cenomanian gases coming after the GTU first separation stages with the following returning to the GTU facilities for the following treatment of commercial products: dry gas and deethanized condensate.

Considering the fact that the facility under design is located on permafrost ground, a large number of detailed thermal design calculations of thermal regime, thawing and settling halos are done for various options of thermal protection to select engineering solutions on thermal protection of heat-emitting elements.

The project comprises the construction phases according to gas production dynamics, reservoir pressure drop dynamics and the required number of process equipment for compression. It provides for automated control system for all BCS processes (SCADA).

Engineering was made using the terrain 3D model. The project includes 3D models of sites and intra-site utilities based on the Plot Plan platform, and 3D analysis of facilities mutual layout and impact.

 General view of lines CS building Part of lines near the CS building 


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