Giprotyumenneftegaz —
Tyumen V.I. Muravlenko Oil & Gas Scientific Research
and Engineering Company



Our Company is one of the largest research and engineering companies in Russia meeting the highest standards worldwide.

Our company’s proud history reveals a continuous focus on production performance improvement with prospect on cost saving in designing, and proper automatic controlling.

All works are carried out in 3D to provide high quality engineering and to solve many engineering goals.

Our clients are large Russian and International oil and gas companies, as TNK-BP, ExxonMobil, Shell, ABB, Sibneft, RITEK, ROSPAN-International, Tarkosaleneftegas, and others.

Our Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001:2008. All activities comply with self-regulating companies standards. Scientific labs are tested in accordance with Russian technical regulation.


Giprotyumenneftegaz joined HMS Group.


Social programs investing included private health insurance and health resort treatment for employees and their children, grants for recent graduates, etc.

Number of employees had almost doubled for four years due to graduates from Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Tomsk joining the company.


Early and mid 90th were a crucial point for GTNG, and the whole country had to cope with transition into the market economy facing with massive challenges.

We developed and implemented the strategy to survive tough times:

  • Dramatic cost cutting;
  • Liquidation of unprofitable and ineffective activities, disposal of non-core assets;
  • Introduction of quarter plans;
  • Facility upgrade, modern software installation, and new engineering technologies implementing.

We managed to save and pass on our corporate culture based on the following principles: never give up
always search and implement the most efficient methods
apply the modern equipment


The Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR Decree called to establish independent centers on the base of GTNG and SibNIINP scientific and research departments and branches.
Nowadays they have grown into the large research and engineering companies and play a vital part in their regions.

  • SurgutNIPIneft (1985);
  • NizhnevartovskNIPIneft (1986);
  • TomskNIPIneft (1986);
  • NoyabrskNIPIneft (1991).

Nowadays, they are large research and engineering companies playing a major part in their regions.


Giprotyumenneftegaz was named after V.I. Muravlenko.


Glavtyumenneftegaz and Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR decreed to establish Siberian research and engineering center for oil industry (SibNIINP) on the Giprotyumenneftegaz basis to facilitate oil industry development in West Siberia.

SibNIINP, being independent, included all activities related to geology, oil and gas development and production technologies.

Later on, a new Center of equipment and production technology for oil & gas was founded on the basis of Giprotyumenneftegaz fluidics laboratory and SibNIINP production technology department.


The first graduates from Tyumen Industrial Institute joined Giprotyumenneftegaz.

The main task was to develop effective engineering construction performance in oil and gas in West Siberian severe conditions.

Due to discussions, debates and experiments new technologies were developed, new construction standards and rules were validated, pipes and equipment specifications were elaborated:

  • cluster drilling and modular construction of oil field infrastructure;
  • in-line laying of utilities and construction of one axis road in a field with locating main field facilities along it;
  • concentrating oil processing facilities, tank farms on one site for several fields;
  • constructing intra-field gas lines for well gas-lift operation for operating pressure of 110 atmospheres;
  • using peat in embankment foundation in road construction;
  • applying nonwoven synthetic materials in pipeline and road construction and many other solutions.

The main business was established on divisions:

  • Engineering of oilfield infrastructure
  • Science & Research: geology and oil field development

Number of employees exceeded 2,200. Giprotyumenneftegaz had been expanding to support dynamic growth of oilfield development in West Siberia.


Giprotyumenneftegaz, Research and the Engineering Center were founded.

Central Committee of the Communist Party and Council of Ministers launched the program of oil and gas field development; significant funds were allocated to expand into the north of West Siberia.

Young engineers at Giprotyumenneftegaz had to face the following challenges:

  • To gain science and research leadership in oil & gas;
  • To achieve mastering in oil & gas development;
  • To offer a full scope of research and engineering services in oil and gas, civil and industrial infrastructure in oil producing areas.

Team of professionals has been built up.

Several hundreds of specialists from oil producing areas, such as Bashkiria, Tatarstan, Perm region, Grozny, Baku, had been hired for the first few months.



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