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Tarkosalinskoye Field Development. Booster Compressor Station

The project objective is engineering the second train of the Booster Compressor Station (BCS) on the site adjacent to the site of existing Gas Treatment Unit (GTU) for the Vostochno-Tarkosalinskoye gas field and the site of the compressor station first train.
The second train of BCS is designed for compression of the field dry gas, commercial gas of the Vostochno-Tarkosalinskoye gas condensate field, and commercial gas of the Khancheyskoye field.
BCS includes the following main process facilities:
  • gas turbine compressor with waste heat recovery unit
  • separator hall with filter separators
  • air coolers
  • valves
  • vent stacks
  • utilities etc.
All the compressor station facilities are provided with automated system of control, emergency shutdown, information gathering, transmitting and processing. This system is based on multi-level distribution principle.

 General view General view of separator hall 


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